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For the past 15 years, Mark Roseland the treasurer had ran the full marathon and half marathon raising approximately $60,000 for this charity. The goal of this organization is to help vulnerable orphans and children.  Attempting to produce opportunities for these children allowing them to have hope in their darkest times. 

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Coats for Kids

In cold winter months children are in need of warmth. Coats for Kids purchases new winter coats at a discount to be distributed to children in their local communities. Their mission is to have no child to be without a coat during the winter season. Hundreds of thousands of new winter coats will be provided from councils all across the United States. 

American Wheelchair Mission

Since 2003 the Knights of Columbus have funded the delivery of wheelchairs to those in need. Giving hope and changing a child's life is the goal. Some have never been given the chance to be mobile and this foundation does just that. Life is sacred no matter what stage you are in or whatever disability you may have.  In late of 2020 they had just recently reached a new milestone of surpassing more than 100,000 wheelchairs. 

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