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Rick Worley was the reason for starting the Texas Marathon in 2000. He was working on setting a Guinness World Record for the most marathons on consecutive weekends when he ran 200 in 159 consecutive weeks.  He needed a marathon New Year's Day and could only find a very difficult ultra-marathon. We offered to organize another marathon six days after the Free Kingwood Marathon using the same course, with a new name, "Jammin' in January" and held it on New Year's Day.


The race has been held on New Year's Day every year since then. Rick completed the Texas Marathon four times and participated in it every year until 2006 when he injured his ankle. He completed 299 Marathons including at least four in every state and also at least one on six continents. Rick Worley was tragically killed in a traffic accident on 7/25/10. We send our love to his family.


The Knights of Columbus took the race over in 2023 and plan on keeping the same traditions that were started by Paula and Steve Boone. Now with the addition for all proceeds going to children's charities.

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To create a place of love, smiles, and opportunities

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Our Mission

Our Mission

With the theme of mobility, our race bridges a connection between a runners dream of finishing a marathon with the dream of a wheelchair for disabled children. On a cold New Year's Day, our event will provide warmth for the less fortunate and produce opportunities for orphans worldwide.

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Our Vision

Texas Marathon Kingwood envisions a world where every child can live life to the fullest no matter what disability or situation, they are in.

Board of Directors

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Matthew Roseland       President                    

Jeffrey Gaspard           Vice President

Mark Roseland            Treasurer

Kerry Manning             Secretary

William Moeller            Director 

Rex Andrews               Director

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